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Why Is My Penis So Small? Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

small penis size

Many men believe that they have a small penis, although they are probably average or slightly above in size. However, the fact is men always look for several ways to improve their penis size. People with little/small penis syndrome do not have as such physical illnesses but face continuous anxiety regarding their size of the penis. These people think that they have a low level of strength, and others will judge them by their small penis size. 

Although some physicians refer to the syndrome of small/little penis as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD), the statistical manual and diagnostic of mental disorder (DSM-5) do not consider PDD a different disease. It characteristics the body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) as a form of PDD. 

What Is A Small Penis Syndrome?

Generally, individuals with little penis conditions or PDD do not have an unexpectedly small penis. Instead, they are more worried about the size of their penis. Generally, having a tiny boner is not medical research. However, it is rare to happen when a person’s manhood is little enough to interface with intercourse performance, and the doctor refers to this type of penis as a micropenis. Individuals that possess micropenis are at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the average penis. 

Some doctors consider this syndrome of the little penis as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD). Still, the statistical and diagnostic manual of mental disorders (DSM-5) does not consider Penile dysmorphic dysfunction as a different disease. However, it features penile disorder as BDD.

PDD is similar to BDD; it can be the disease that misrepresents a person’s perception of the body. A person having BDD can have immense anxiety in their looks. An individual with PDD feels fear and pity about their penis size. They might sometimes mistakenly think that they the smallest penis, even they have standard penis size. 

Why Are Men So Hung Up On Penis Size?

Individual manhood can feature his sense of identity. Consider the following observations.

  • Another word for an individual’s penis is “manhood” that reflects strength, courage, and sexual strength.
  • No doubt, some of our sexual partners think that penis size matters a lot.
  • The male celebrities with well-endowed penis in porn business have created a sense of dishonor among your average man.
  • The individual penis waves in the center of a person’s body, as it is considered the center of gravity.
  • It is human nature not to walk the crowd on the center of the roads, but to stand out and shine from our fellow members. 
  • Disregarding our sexual art and skills, we all know that we might get judged, and the spouses may have some expectations regarding your penis dimensions. 
  • However, these days several popular countries dictate that a more remarkable is better, whether it is cars, homes, food parts, boats, buttocks, breasts, or penises.    


It is usual for a person to worry about their penis size may not be large enough. Moreover, they feel pressured by the bigger male genitals whenever they visit media or porn sites. However, individuals with small penis syndrome are mainly worried about their manhood size. Below mentioned are some signs of PDD or small penis syndrome.

  • They continuously measure their manhood size with other people, especially peoples, those on porn sites or press.
  • Every person has a belief of having a remarkably small penis without having any evidence to its opposite.
  • An individual has twisted cognitions of penis size.
  • We are putting an exceptionally large value on manhood size.
  • Feeling embarrassed and humiliated about the penis size.
  • Individuals face difficulty in having sex with a spouse due to fear of getting judged about their manhood size.
  • It may reduce your sexual performance, such as using an orgasm or having an erection.

Some people with little penis syndrome has several other symptoms of BDD that are:

  • Chronic distress about the manhood looks
  • Worry or sadness about the look
  • Compulsive or repetitive behavior regarding appearance, like purchasing clothes and dressing.

BDD and small penis syndrome may seem the same condition. However, there is a little difference between these two that is BDD can be diagnosed by the doctors, whereas little penis syndrome cannot develop a clinical diagnosis.


It is for those who are moderate-to-mild anxious about manhood size; exploring information about the average penis sizes or seeking out constitutes a micropenis from physicians that might help. If a man is concerned about his sexual functionality, then the spouse’s reassurance and support can give a sense of relaxation. Numbers of research suggested that almost every heterosexual woman is satisfied with the sexual partner’s penis size. 

Some medical therapy can support the guy with nervousness about their penis size or BDD; such treatment includes:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT): this kind of medical therapy helps the person understand how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior and emotion, and it may help them find a solution to decrease their anxiety level.
  • Recognizing And Addressing Causes: For many people, particular objects like connection issues or porn may lead to a decrease in the size of their penis. However, some individuals may decrease the symptom by finding out the actual cause and working to handle them.
  • Couples Counseling Or Gender Treatment: both anxiety and manhood size can have a significant influence on an individual’s connection or the capacity of having sexual intercourse, although, with the help of treatment, it will make things work together, and finally, you can conquer the fear together.


As you all know, you cannot make your penis more remarkable by consuming a herbal nutritional supplement. Still, it is highly possible to make your penis healthy, powerful, and enhance your sexual intercourse performance by strengthening care muscles that support and control your penis. However, several fitness centers provide a follow along, an interactive, comprehensive exercise program that improves the pelvic floor muscles of the male. The participant had minimum or no erectile dysfunction and proceeded to complete this personal training program.