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Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Condom Breaks

You might have thought that you did the whole job right, only to wind up the panic on your couch and staring at the barrel of a broken condom. However, it happens not as often as you think. According to studies, there is less than five percent of chances that condoms will break, so you do not have to lose the trust in condoms.

Most times, condoms break due to its wrong usage like getting harsh on condom packet by opening them with teeth, or not leaving enough space at the top as semen can travel at 28 mph! Or using lubricants mainly oil-based can all lead to failure of a condom.

However, it does not matter why or how often the condom may break during the moment. What matters? It would help if you had a plan that would not take nine months and get you out of this situation as soon as possible.

5 Things You Need To Remember

First, take a long deep breath. The science got your back. You may have done everything to prevent the chances of pregnancy. However, if not, you need to consider several ways to get out of these situations, like taking emergency contraception from any drug store or getting IUD implanted from your surgeon’s office.

There is nothing to worry about if you are not comfortable with the abortion idea. Emergency contraception is also called the morning-after pill, as it is not the same as the abortion pill. However, emergency contraception can only prevent pregnancy, but it would not end one.

Act Super-Fast

If the condom broke, stop whatever you are doing quickly, and withdraw yourself from the partner’s body. Because today’s time is not on your side, and there are plenty of exciting things that have to affect the remaining time you have to work out the situation with. You do not have a single idea about whether you are ovulating or not unless you are recently tested.

If you are ovulating, your ovary eggs are waiting to combine with sperm to fertilize and make a baby. However, if you are not ovulating, semen can stay alive in your body for several days, waiting for the egg. Weird, right? Emergency contraception or morning-after pill can do the job within five days after the breakage of condoms. It is suggested that the earlier you take these pills, the more effective these will be. 

Get Checked Your Birth Control

You may be all set if you are already taking hormonal birth control. There are plenty of brands that provide various emergency contraception pills. You can check the chart and see what type of emergency contraception pills you need like oral contraceptives, which can be used in an immediate emergency. Read and follow the instructions, it will take a few minutes, and you will be able to consider the number of pills you need to take and the other dose after 12 hours.

Order Online Or Go To The Pharmacy

 If somehow, you do not have birth control pills in these situations, then you need to buy some of the emergency contraceptives from the near pharmacy. Due to the advanced technology, luckily, you have the option of over-the-counter.

If plan A does not work, then order online from amazon as a plan b, and consider the shipment factor as it plays a vital role in delivering the pills. However, do ask at your pharmacy stores for emergency contraception pills, or take consultation from the doctors before taking any morning-after medicine.

Visit Planned Parenthood Clinic

Sometimes, the pharmacies do not keep the stock of emergency contraceptives, but Parent Parenthood is always more likely to have these morning-after pills. If you want to have a solution that lasts longer, you can get your IUD implanted. Generally, these prevent you from getting pregnant for three to ten years, depending on the IUD type you have inserted in you. 

In most cases, you take once or twice of the emergency contraceptive pill, and you are good to go. While getting IUD can cost much, and it should be covered under your insurance. If it is not included, then some health departments and parenthood offer fees on a sliding scale.

Get Your Tests Done

Generally, if you have not got your periods, you can take your pregnancy test after fourteen days from the incident. Besides, having your pregnancy test, you need to consider several more tests like the STD test. A broken condom increases the chance of exposure to semen, increasing the risk of getting pregnant or STD. So it is better safe and sorry later.

How to prevent that a condom breaks

Condoms are one of the effective forms of contraception if these are correctly used. However, condoms can react to issues that make them weak and lead them to break or split. You need to make sure that you keep them away from heat or light. Moreover, never open the condom packet with a sharp object, and it also includes opening the package with your teeth. Even the smallest hole in the condom can increase the danger of contracting an STI or pregnancy. 

To use the condom properly and tips to lower the chances of it breakage:

  • Open up the foil package carefully with your fingers.
  • Hold the tip softly with your thumb and forefinger (make sure that you are wearing it perfectly, and no air is being trapped in it, which may cause the condom to split).
  • Put the condom on the top of your penis and make sure you left enough space for the semen.
  • Maintain the position of the condom’s conclusion and then roll it down straight to the bottom of your penis.
  • Be sure about using ideal dimensions, and it matches the condom, which makes it less likely to break.

Moreover, condoms do not last longer – be certain before using any condom; you need to check the expiry date as they may become weaker over time.