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Penis Enlargement Surgery


Men who are having the problem of small size in penis and they will not fully enjoy sex with their partner then there is the best solution for then as they can move for Penis Enlargement Surgery. It will help in increasing the size of the penis and they will enjoy sex with their parent for more than an hour.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis Enlargement Surgery helps in increasing the length of the penis of those men who are not satisfied with the size of his penis. Surgery will include Silicon injections along with Hyaluronic acid along with other methods including transplantation of fat. Apart from that there are two types of surgeries.

1. Surgical Methods – It Will Cover Down

Pensile augmentation- This can be done in two ways. One is by taking fat cells from the body and put into the penis through injecting it. The body will absorb the fat which in turn will make the penis longer in size.

Suspensory ligament release– In this method the ligament which is helpful in holding the penis is surgically removed and is done to change the angle of the penis. This will make the penis look larger and different.

2. Non-Surgical Methods

Non surgical methods will be proving effective in nature as it is painless in nature and there are limited side effects to the body. Some of the non –surgical methods will cover down:-

Lotions and pills- Lotions and pills are introduced in the market which will prove effective in nature as they are composed up of natural ingredients. Person can take their benefits after getting consultation from the doctors.

Devices- Some devices like vacuum pumps are also introduced for penis enlargement. A structure is place on the top of the penis and air is pumped so as to create the vacuum. It helps in drawing blood into the penis. It will swell and make the penis large.

Jelqing- This is the technique which is in the form of exercise that helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the entire tissues. It will make the penis large.  This exercise is painful in nature.

These are the two main methods of penis enlargement surgery.

Why to have Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Some of the men are not satisfied with their sexual life and the reason will be small size of penis. It will give them some negative points like

 Less confidence level

Less enjoyment in sex

Less lean muscles

All these three reasons are the main causes due to which men has thought to move for Penis Enlargement Surgery. It will help them in every area as it helps in increasing the confidence level and they will able to spend more time on bed without getting tired soon. Apart from that they can help their partner happy by enjoying sex for couple of hours. It will make you happy in sexual areas.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

As we know that there are two kinds of surgery, pills and lotions are reasonable in nature that can be easily borne by anyone. When we talk about the surgery through injections then you may take 90, to 100,000.  The whole procedure need to be repeated after 10-11 months. As far as surgical methods are concerned the cost will vary from 2-4 lakh per surgery. Surgery cost will vary from countries to countries.

Penis Enlargement Surgery side effects.

  • Anesthesia which is used at the time of surgery will have side effects. It will cause nausea along with vomiting and fatigue.
  •  It will also cause pain along with redness and swelling in the surrounded areas.
  • It will also include infection and blood clots in pensile region.
  • Results are not always positive. Sometimes negative also.

Thus these are the side effects which may cause irritation to the affected areas.

Is Size Extenders are good?

Yes Size Extenders are good in place of pensile surgery as they are less painful than pensile surgery. According to the latest research it has found out that, men who uses Size Extenders has seen the best results as their erectile function increases by 40 % than before. According to the latest report it has also found out that the person who is using size extenders has seen good results in short span of time. Person can use size extenders up to six months and there are no side effects as compared to pensile surgery.

It is better to move for size extenders solution as it is best for you and your body. It will not create any kind of side effects to the body which is mostly seen with pensile surgery.

Which one is better?

You will not come across with any best method for safely which will help in enlarging your penis. Apart from that you will find some good techniques that will include surgical procedures that will give support for their use. It is better to consult your partner on your side and know her desires along with concern before moving for surgeries. It is better to take the advantages of non-surgical methods that are less painful in nature and will not give any side effects as they are composed up of natural ingredients.

Apart from that, person who is moving for surgery should consult their doctors too and ask about the benefits and  side effects.Untill and unless it is not necessary then don’t try to move for this option. Still you want to go for then many treatments are available and you can choose the best according to your needs.


We have come across with different methods of surgery which has different cost. It is better for the person that they can go for the one which suits their need and requirement If he is facing problem with their sexual need due to their small size then they should move for the surgery. If his partner is satisfied and they are able to enjoy sex for long duration then there is no need for surgery.