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How Soon Can I Start Having Sex After Hysterectomy?

How Soon Can I Start Having Sex After Hysterectomy

It is quite reasonable for every woman to have questions about their life be like after they have done hysterectomy and to worry about their sex life will be like afterward. However, every human body heals differently; a woman may experience few side effects after the operation that may directly affect their sex life. Although in a given period to heal, many women find that after hysterectomy, the enjoyment of their sexual activity remains the same or can even improve. 

How Soon Can I Start Having Sex After Hysterectomy?

The operation to remove the uterus organ (womb), where babies develop and grow during pregnancy, is known as hysterectomy. This surgery can relieve various symptoms and pain from circumstances like endometriosis or fibroids. However, if you have any cervical or uterine cancer, this surgery can save your life.

Although any operation can have both long-term and short-term side effects, the procedure of hysterectomy can have such side effects like bleeding and pain. Once you have this surgery, then you would not be able to carry a baby. After the procedure of hysterectomy, it can also have an impact on your sex life. However, this should not stop you from having intercourse and enjoy it fully after you are healed. To make sure you do not lose this essential part of your life and how hysterectomy can impact your sexuality is discussed below.

How Do Hysterectomies Change How I Have Sex?

After the operation of hysterectomy, it will stop you from having sex for a few weeks, but it should not put an end to your sexuality. According to the studies reviews, many women said they have improved intercourse experience, or others say it remains the same after the surgery. Finally, they were free from the heavy bleeding or pain that caused them to have a hysterectomy.

The removal of ovaries can reduce the desire to have sexual intercourse because hormones like estrogen and testosterone produced by ovaries are essential for your libido. 

Can I Still Have An Orgasm?

However, some women do report that after the surgery, they have no orgasm at all or less intense orgasms because the removal of the uterus can cut down the nerves that allow you to have an orgasm. 

Moreover, the nerves present in the cervix, which stimulates during sexual intercourse. If these cervix nerves were removed during the surgery, the doctor might have cut down these nerves. However, it’s rare to happen because this is not the norm for many people who undergo these procedures.

Will Sex Still Feel The Same?

However, hysterectomy surgery should not affect your vagina’s sensation. But, the removal of your ovaries will undoubtedly put you in menopause, this situation can result in drying of vagina tissues and make your sexual intercourse more painful. 

What’s The Safest Way To Start Having Sex Again?

Before having sex again, it is safe for you to wait for more than six weeks or as long as your doctor recommended. And take your time in healing and getting back easing into your sex life.

If the vaginal tissue dryness makes intercourse more painful, ask your doctor about the use of vaginal estrogen rings, tablets, or creams. Moreover, you can try silicone-based or water-based lubricants like Astroglide or K-Y whenever you have sexual intercourse.

How Long Should You Wait To Be Able To Have Sex?

Most of the side effects of hysterectomy surgery should go away, and in two months, your body should heal completely. According to the health department services, it is suggested that you should not let anything in your vagina during the first two months after the operation. 

The surgeons can perform various types of hysterectomy

  • Radical hysterectomy – this type of surgery is done when the person has cancer of the uterus or cervix. The doctor removes the cervix, uterus, tissue on both sides of the cervix, and the upper part of the vagina.
  • Partial hysterectomy – the top part of the vagina is removed, and the cervix remains left in the place. 
  • Total hysterectomy: In this, the doctor removes the cervix, the whole uterus, including the bottom area of the uterus. Moreover, the doctor may remove your fallopian tubes and ovaries. It is the most common hysterectomy surgery type.

However, after the operation, you might have some little pain and bleed, they discharge you after your procedure, and you will not have menstrual periods anymore.

Although itching, burning, and pain around the incision area are normal. If you have your ovaries removed, then you may experience side effects of menopause like night sweats and hot flashes.

What Steps Can I Take To Improve My Sex Life?

If you have difficulty getting back to your normal sex life after the operation of hysterectomy, then consider these tips to improve your sex life.

  • Take Your Time

Whenever you get to engage in sexual intercourse, do not rush. Take your time to get stimulated.

  • Experiment

Give a try to different sex positions and find which one provides you much comfort. Moreover, explore other options instead of vaginal sex, like manual or oral stimulation.

  • Be Honest

Be open with your sex partner, and feel free to tell them what hurts and what feels right. 

If a tip mentioned above does not help, consider seeing a counselor or sex therapist with your partner.

  • Possible Complications

After having the surgery of hysterectomy, some women are less interested in having due to a lack of sex drive, which is caused by menopausal symptoms, stress, relationship problems, and depression. Moreover, women may experience vaginal dryness, low sensations, and less intense orgasm after hysterectomy. If you see these problems persist, then see a doctor or sex therapist and find solutions to your problems and experience never-ending sex life.


Once you pass the first two months mark after your operation, you are more likely to get back to your healthy sex life. However, if you still have a problem with your orgasm, comfort during intercourse, or arousal, see your doctor.