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High Sex Drive Causes and How to Decrease Libido?

It is quite normal for your sexual desire to fluctuate after a point of time that is days, weeks, months, and years. You may not be able to stop thinking about sex, or your sexual urges are more than usual. Although having a stronger sexual desire is nothing to worry about, as it is said, “Experiencing sexual urge over and over again will not make you a pervert.” Sometimes you cannot stop thinking all day about your sexual urges, and the reason behind this is the increased level of libido. However, it is normal for you to question your sex appeal or whether your libido level is below or above the average, especially when your sexual needs are not fully met.

Moreover, every year experts, journalists, and doctors carry out enormous surveys related to what an average person feels, does, and thinks while having sex. Also, they have found that we often judge our libido, while comparing with other people with whom we talk about sex, sleep with, or choose to learn. However, there is not a single metric to measure the level of libido. 

What causes a high sex drive?

It is usual for young people to have increased sexual urge, as they experience hormonal surges. However, for older people, several reasons can influence their sex desire. Sometimes, having a higher sex desire might be due to your medication or body condition. Moreover, if you encounter an indefinable change in your libido, you must consult with your doctor.

Several possible causes that can cause high sex drive are –

  • If a person has a lower stress level, they are more likely to have a desire to have sex.
  • The level of anxiety and depression can also cause a rise in high sex desires.
  • The person is stuck in a relationship with someone who does not want the desired amount of sex.
  • Suppose you have nothing to achieve in life, which makes your life full of boredom and makes it so hard to cope up.
  • The person having misbelieved about sex, intimacy, and love. 
  • If the person has good sex every day, the hormones in the person’s body change and make it crave more.
  • If a person is exercising regularly, they want sex more often; thus, this boosts their confidence, improve their sleep, and reduces stress.
  • The consumption of certain medicines like beta-blockers, antidepressants, birth control, and SSRIs can increase the level of libido in the human body.

When is high sex drive a problem

A higher sexual desire will not be any problem if you control your thoughts or sexual urges. You will be more pleased if you are having satisfying sex you desire while experiencing high libido. But if you are not getting what you want to fulfill your sexual needs, then you may struggle with high sex drive if you are experiencing anything mentioned below.

  • A person is having social anxiety and lack of self-esteem.
  • The person is not able to process its emotions.
  • You are shamed or troubled by your persistent desires.
  • If you are not able to get the type and amount of sex they desire.
  • Excessively masturbating or having sex to attain satisfaction and not able to achieve pleasure.
  • You are consistently avoiding work, sleep, or social time for having sexual exploits.
  • You feel terrible that your quest for sexual satisfaction stops you from having a healthy relationship.
  • Due to excessive masturbation or sex, you have sore genitals.

Your uncontrollable sexuality can be uncomfortable for those people around you. Although this can be normal for you, your partner, boss, colleagues, or mates may be worried by your too much desire to have sex. Moreover, you are in continued denial about your complicated relationship with sex or people around you who do not understand you.

14 things that can decrease libido

There are several reasons you encounter intimacy problems, and you cannot control a few things on your own. If you are worried about having a higher libido, consider trying the below-mentioned tips to lower your libido level.

  • Talk with someone

Whatever problem you have, you need to talk about it with someone. If you have an unhappy sex life, then talking to a therapist can help you explore thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences around love, sex, relationships, and beyond. Moreover, consider what you want to achieve in your life and find some realistic ways to have more control and less mercy for your sexual urges.

  • Disturb your urges

If you understand your sexual urges, you can easily ignore them with several actions and thoughts, which can be very effective. Few things that can be useful like look at a list about your partner and see how grateful you are and if you don’t act on your urges how much you will gain. You can also change your focus to your surrounding for blue and squares. Moreover, you can practice mental gymnastics.

  • Invest your energy in productive areas

Many people feel great pleasure, pride, and relief by investing their sexual energy into something productive. The productive activity would mean doing something thrilling, creative, physical, or spiritual such as running, cooking, yoga, and dancing.

  • Find a satisfying sex partner.

The high libido can be disturbing for those who suffer from finding a sexual partner. However, the person has to build confidence and being open to discover and meet possible sex partners.

  • Work out a relationship problem

Some people beg their partner to fulfill their sexual desire, which is the wrong way to ask. According to the therapist, you have to talk through and do things like holding each other close naked or taking a bath together or having sex.

  • Contraception

When women consume contraception, they find their sexual desire reduced due to numerous hormonal changes.

  • Medication

Some medicines for high blood pressure, seizures, depression, or psychosis can impact the libido in both men and women.

  • The lower level of testosterone

Low level of testosterone in male testicles can reduce the desire for sex and eventually lower the libido. The person may feel tired and have no hope of having sex.

  • Depression

Depression changes a person’s life, as it reduces the interest in certain activities once they found pleasurable such as sex. Thus, depression reduces the level of libido or sexual urge of a person.

  • Eat Monk’s salad

The vitex agnus castus present on its leave can lower the level of the hormone prolactin. The Monk’s salad is also known by chaste berry.

  • Lack of vitamin D

According to experts, vitamin D can help to increase the level of testosterone levels and provide the necessary resources for increased libido. Several sources of vitamin D include whole egg, fish, lean meat, and fortified milk.

  • Low level of selenium

Experts also say that libido can be reduced by having low-level selenium, as selenium can upbeat the level of sperm mobility and count. Although it is challenging to get selenium, eat small amounts of richer sources like brazil nuts, and consume only three a day.

  • Reducing the level of vitamin A

According to nutrition associations, having a low level of vitamin A will decrease the level of sexual urge. The less consumption of vitamin A will affect testosterone production and will have an adverse effect on libido and sex hormones.

  • Dehydration

Suppose the person is not drinking enough water in a day that can cause dehydration and negatively affect your libido or sexual desire. However, to maintain the water level of your body, drink plenty of water from time to time. It will help your body from getting dehydrated.


There is no problem in having a sex desire unless and until you are not avoiding your responsibilities, or work to get off, till then go ahead and relish.