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Best Sex Position During Pregnancy


Sex is the basic need of both men and women. Even when women are pregnant, men can enjoy sex with their partner without any problem. You will come across different sex positions, which will prove better for your partner at the time of her pregnancy. Pregnant women need to go for sex after trimester, which will make you more comfortable, and you will enjoy sex for a long duration. It has been observed that during pregnancy, there is more urge for sex due to hormone levels.

Best positions of Sex during pregnancy

There are some best sex positions for women at the time of pregnancy, which will allow women with a baby bump to feel more comfortable.

  • Side By Sde – In this position, the wife has to lie down facing their partner’s face and allow him to move his leg over the wife’s legs. This sex position is best as it will not need more energy. Apart from that, it is considered the best sex position that will require more intimacy as this position will help the wife and her partner to look into the eyes of them both at the time of sex.
  • Spoon – This is the sex position that can be done from the back in this position. The wife has to lie down on her side and tell her partner to hold her from the behind. This is the best position as it will not put pressure on your wife’s belly. It seems to be more comfortable, as both of them will not have to be exerting more. Both of them can easily enjoy this position.
  • Cowgirl – This is the third sex position in which you allow your husband to lie down properly, and you will be on top to enjoy the sex. This will enable the husband to adjust themselves according to the wife’s conditions. The husband will change like this way, which will not allow putting some pressure on the wife’s belly.
  • From behind– In this sex position, the wife will allow her husband to enter you from the back. It is essential for the husband that they will put slowly and nicely so it may not irritate you. At this time wife’s cervix is sensitive, so fewer efforts should be made from the hubby side. According to the doctors, this sex position is best as it will not put pressure on women’s belly nor its bladder or uterus. They can enjoy this position during the trimester.
  • Bed edge- In this sex position, women are made to lie down on the side of the bed, and feet should touch the floor. Face should be in front. Then the husband will stand near the edge of the bed, he will bend down, and you will put your elbow on his shoulders at the time of insertion. It will allow your hips to move to target the real destination. This can be done face to face, which helps in boosting more intimacy.
  • With the help of the wall– Wall will also play an essential role in the field of sex. The wife will have to stand near the wall along with facing it. The husband will insert from the back, and the wife can take help from the wall in terms of support. Both can enjoy sex easily as there is support from the wall side, which helps them to carry out sex for more than an hour.
  • Reverse cowgirl- In this sex position again, the wife will sit on the husband, but her face should be facing towards the toes. The wife will enter easily and move up and down as to relax her partner. This is the best position as it will allow the couple to spend more time on sex as this will make the wife more comfortable in nature as she can easily enjoy sex for more than an hour. This sex position will be done slowly, so it may not create any effect on the wife’s bellies.
  • There is no need for penetration- It is not essential to have real sex, women can also take advantage of oral sex and masturbation of both. This wife can enjoy sex by rubbing her husband’s penis into her vagina, which can make her feel more satisfied than before. On the other side, the husband can play with the boobs of the wife, which gives them complete satisfaction rather than inserting the penis into the vagina. Along with that, the husband sucking wife vagina provides total comfort for women without going for the inserting option.
  • Anal sex- This is also one of the best sex positions that can be enjoyed a couple in regular days. This is the best as the wife will have less pressure on the husband’s side, and he will insert slowly without creating any problem on his wife’s belly. Both can enjoy this position for a couple of hours without getting tired soon after an hour. This sex position will suit men also as they can easily do sex for a long duration.


Sex is the need for men and women, so it should be enjoyed by them thoroughly. But considering them at the time of pregnancy is the big question. But there are different kinds of positions that can be quickly taken up by the couple during reasonable times of pregnancy. Doctors have
instructed the couples to have sex safe at the time of pregnancy by giving them some essential tips. Some positions are also informed to them so that they can enjoy sex fully during pregnancy too.
Thus these are the different sex positions that can be enjoyed by the couple at the time of his partner pregnancy. It is essential for the person that they should take the doctors’ suggestion before moving for sex. Doctors will also guide them with some tips and techniques in sex so that couples can enjoy sex for a long time at the time of pregnancy.