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9 Simple Tips To Feeling Confident Without A Bra — Plus 4 Myths Debunked

Going Braless Is 100 Percent A Personal Choice

You might have heard that wearing no bar is one of the most comfortable things for the person with boobs. However, this statement does not generally hold up without anyone’s help. Not everyone can remove their bra and feel usual in one-step. It is normally happening in such cases when a person is wearing bras for years and especially if you have the body type or body reservations that are not adorned in the media. 

For many years, women have thought that being able to fit a G cup means they had no other choice to consider rather than wearing a bra at every moment. Many women do not like wearing a bra all the time, and some say that it might be the rule of their body type. The fact is all these rules are made up of other people, and you do not need to follow them because you are the one in charge of making your own rules for your body. 

For a moment, you may feel that your boobs are too saggy, large, or small, and gradually you will feel comfortable and relaxed without a bra. All you have to do is repeat the truth in your mind, over that you can go braless without any hassle. Moreover, as mentioned above, it is not normal to remove your bra and to feel comfortable in the first attempt. They are many ways that are discussed below to help you out and make it more comfortable in the process. Instantly or slowly, the pace depends upon you.

Moreover, you will also get some debunk common myths you might have heard recently, such as if someone is going braless, it will help their boobs to grow. Keep in mind that do not wear a bra at night time as a bra can put pressure on your muscles that can disturb your sleep or if it is too tight, it may affect your circulation.

How Does It Feel To Go Braless?

When you first enter the world without bras, you will be going to feel considerably different. As there is nothing that will hold up your boobs down or up, and you will be more focused on their movements. You may keep your sweater on, or if you are not, you might cross your arms around your chest. Some people say that it is though for women as they feel people around them will look at them differently because people know that ‘she’ is not wearing a bra. 

 But thinking a lot in your mind about your body would not help; once you become comfortable with not wearing a bra from that day, you will know how much boobs are the entirely part of your whole, like your legs or fingers. You do not think about those parts of your body every day all because these are not covered. Right?

Remember, nobody cares whether you wear a bra or not and do not care about those who are holding up some so-called social rules you do not have to follow. 

Some days you will feel uncomfortable; instead of this, start focusing on yourself more. What are the instant benefits you will get after going braless? It had a relief from straps or wires on their skin for most women when they took off their bar at night. 

How To Ease Comfortably And Confidently Into The Braless Territory

Technically, all it takes one step that is taking off you bra to go braless, but everyone knows comfort and confidence does not come instantly. Make yourself comfortable without a bra; there are plenty of ways to relax. The top six tips that anyone can try are discussed below.

  • First Start With Your Home

When you are ready to be in the world of braless women, then first start being braless in your room, then in your living room, and even welcome your friends at your home to get a tiny idea of how you might feel in public. 

Looks easy, right? Start your practice by not wearing a bra every morning coffee run or going for a morning walk. Then, stop wearing a bra while going out with your friends at night. Gradually, you will be able to go to work without a bra. However, you should avoid wearing sheer outfits in official settings unless it is not your work culture. 

It is advisable to wear a bra while exercising, although bras can be stuck but wearing a sports bra has numerous benefits. It helps to secure your boobs, so these do not disturb your workout or might add extra weight by letting it hang around. However, before starting a basketball match or marathon, if you are an athlete, wear a sports bar to prevent nipple chafing and put bandages over your nips. 

  • Use Barlette While Going Out

Bralettes are less tighten than a regular bra, which will make you feel comfortable with less padding and no wires. These can also act as an excellent psychological tool to make your journey of being braless much more comfortable and smoother. 

You can start by wearing a high-quality bralette, which has some elasticity, or if you opt for less expensive bras that look pretty that have flimsy and frankly designs. In the end, you will notice there is no such difference than going braless, as the bra security might have been to condition your bra. 

  • Posture Practicing

If you depend on your bra to support your boobs’ weight, start practicing good posture that can help explore some ways to keep your boobs without a bra. When you are in a standing position, ensure that you stand straight with flexed, your shoulder pulled back and down. 

However, if you are in a sitting position, choose a chair that supports your back fully and keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms should be parallel to the ground along with flat feet on the ground. 

  • Do Not Worry Using Nipple Covers

Many people try to wear uncomfortable bras to keep the shape or color of their nipples from getting visible. One great solution is pasties. As pasties have evolved from the past few decades, try to find a skin-colored pasty that can match your body tone as these are easily available at the local drugstore. Moreover, the other option you can opt for is to let your nipple visible. 

Nipple censorship occurs in every country, but they do not have a particular reason for banning boobs on Instagram; why these are shamed in public. In contrast, people with plane chests do not – apart from the truth that feminine bodies are continuously sexualized than masculine bodies. Nobody has a problem when a masculine person show their nipples, so why can’t anyone else?

  • Make Use Of Fashion Tape

The tape is quite useful in keeping your boobs and cloth in place; indeed, celebrities use these tapes when they wear a low-cut neckline dress. However, it may be a nightmare for your skin when removing the tape, but these will work well. This double-sided gaffer tape is safe for your skin, and it helps to keep the clothing in position. 

If you are wearing a low-cut neckline, tape the edges of your dress with your skin to keep it moving. You can also use the tape in between the buttons to prevent the chances of gapping in fabric. 

  • Remember To Keep Your Anxiety Calm

When you have perfect fit boobs, it can be hard for you to feel okay with anything else. However, some may think that you have saggy, not perfect, or big enough, which do not let you leave your bra at home. 

Then you must hear the words of chidera eggerue; she is the one who started the viral hashtag #saggyboobsmatter movement, and her post state that if you are experiencing difficulty accepting your body. No matter how unacceptable the boobs are in society, you need to build confidence and accept your body type.  

How To Go Braless When Your Boobs Need Support

If you lack bra support and want to gain the experience of being braless, then below mentioned tips would help you. Moreover, these tips are great for those women with big boobs, and they have said going braless is much more comfortable.

  • A Firm Bodysuit 

Bodysuits are tight and stretchy enough to work as support. These bodysuits hardly need to wear a bra. Try to look for those bodysuits, which have a high neckline that can provide support and a little shape, and you do not need to worry about any spillage.

  • Tops Or Dresses With Corset-Style Backs

Wearing a corset will help those who want to be braless alongside need some back support. A corset can do wonders you cannot even imagine as you can wear it with your any dress or top to give your back and body a little support. Moreover, you can cinched laces tight to ensure your breast does not move at all, or you can cinch it a bit lose it depends upon your preference. 

  • Wear Structured Tops Or Dresses With Zippers

Structured garments have heavy fabric and zipper closure, enabling you to go braless and provide you a perfectly round shape that you get from bras. It will help if you try to play with textures and patterns, which will draw less attention of people towards your boobs. 

Are There Any Health Benefits To Going Braless?

To date, there is not a single study that proves the health benefits of going braless or wearing a bra. However, there are several common myths about bras that you might have heard from someone’s experience. These myths might seem logical to some people, but indeed these are never backed up. So it is worth clearing up the doubts about bras. 


  • Underwire Bra Can Cause Breast Cancer

You might have heard about wearing a bra that has underwire can cause breast cancer. The reason behind this tale is that the bra underwire blocks the flow of lymphatic fluid and increases the chances of developing a tumor. However, no single study shows a connection between wearing an underwire bra and developing breast cancer. 

  • Bras Can Cause Your Boobs To Sag

A decade ago, a French scientist claim that women who wear bra are more likely to have saggy boobs. By the time a viral internet post got viral from its interview, which does not tell why a woman wearing a bra will have saggy breasts. After completing the interview of over 300 women that were 35 years below age means they were not experiencing natural loss of skin elasticity and collagen that comes with age. Some have published their studies, but they are not approved and attested to other experts to ensure that results are accurate.

  • Being Braless Means, You Are Immoral 

Some people say that leaving your bra at home makes them worry about those passerby people who stare at them. Some people have maintained a belief that women are here for the male gaze, which is wrong. No matter how you wear, your dress is the expression of your character, not the thinking of someone that has not taken the time to know you. 

  • Wearing No Bra Will Help You Enlarge Your Breast

There are no such studies about bras making your breast larger, despite all of these are just theories. The truth is your breast can shrink or grow depending upon your exercise and diet. If you think that wearing no bra will help you improve the cup size, several ways can ensure your boobs appear perkier. 


Sometimes wearing a bra can be personal torture, try to find the right size bra that fits you. It is totally up to you that whether you daily wear a bra or not, being braless will drastically change your opinion. Moreover, it is okay if you do not want to give up on your bra. Do consider, there is no research regarding wearing a bra too, so comfort must be your priority.